Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra | 256GB | Black


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Find your creative flare

With some great creativity features, you can take a step towards your big dreams on the Galaxy Ultra. It works with the S pen (sold separately), which is great for sketching out artwork or jotting down notes. Or, if you’ve always wanted to be a director of the big screen, you’ll be able to shoot professional videos, as this films in 8K.

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A brighter and faster display

Entertainment will be better than ever on this amazing display. Samsung’s brightest AMOLED 2X screen is filled with detail and colour to bring everything to life. Plus, the adaptive 120Hz refresh rate will prevent any lagging when you’re gaming, but slow down to save battery if you’re just scrolling through your social feed. So, whether you’re bingeing a boxset to pass time on your travels or gaming on the sofa, you’ll get sucked into all the action.

Turn videos into epic snaps

Get the perfect action shot with the 8K video snap feature. As well as being able to record in 8K, you can also go back through the video second by second, and change any moment of it into a still picture. So, if you videoed the kids throwing autumn leaves in the air, or the dog licking your ice cream, you’ll be able to frame the memory to hang on your wall.

Stand out amongst the crowd

With a bold and durable design, this phone will make a statement and keep it. The metal around the edges and camera blends perfectly with the rest of the phone, while the frosted haze effect makes smudges and mucky fingerprints a thing of the past. It uses the toughest Gorilla® Glass too. This all means that when you take it out the box, you can sleep easily, knowing that it’ll look and feel just as good after you’ve had your hands all over it.

Step into the future with 5G

With this phone, you’ll experience all the perks of super-fast 5G. Whether you’re streaming high-quality video or dominating in an online game, you’ll enjoy a strong connection that’ll keep you engaged for hours on end. And it effortlessly syncs with the cloud, letting you back up and access important files from anywhere. That means you’ll have all the power you need to stay in touch with the rest of the world wherever you are.

Smart living made simple

Make everyday life a breeze with the SmartThings app. It works with smart products from thousands of brands, including big names like Philips Hue, Ring and Google Nest, as well as Samsung’s connected appliances. By having them all in one app, you’ll be able to control everything with just a few taps and get alerts from wherever you are. So, while you’re out weeding the garden, you can turn on the heating in the house and check your oven timer to make sure you don’t burn dinner.


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