Hoover 10kg H-DRY 500 Heat Pump Dryer | NDE H10RA2TCE-80

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  • Long-lasting durability
  • Best drying program suggested
  • Eco-Friendly machine
  • 40 additional cycles
  • Complete set of 9 care cicles
  • Auto care cycle
  • Active Dry
  • Four Dryness Levels
  • Acquavision
  • Scan to Care
  • Extra functions by hOn App
  • Craftmanship

H-DRY 500 is the most reliable and efficient Tumble Dryer, capable to perfectly and efficiently dry any kind of garments while taking care of fibres thanks to the new Auto Care programme.

LONG-LASTING DURABILITY Make your tumble dryer last for longer thanks to continuous health monitoring via hOn App. Receive useful notifications when maintenance is due. Discover specific maintenance activities thanks to the step-by-step guide and easily run software remote updates, with no need for technical assistance

GREAT PERFORMANCE AND EFFICIENCY Synchronise your washing machine with your dryer and get the best care for your garments. The hOn App will suggest the best drying program, adapting it to the quantity and type of fabric, guaranteeing greater performances and efficiency.

ECO FRIENDLY MACHINE H-DRY 500 is best in class in the drying performance and it also takes care of the environment. With Heat Pump Technology and the new gas used in the compressor, we reached the incredible result of reducing the Environmental impact by 30 times and the GWP* (Global Warming Potential) from 100 to 3,4. GWP is a measure of how much heat a greenhouse gas traps in the atmosphere up to a specific time horizon, relative to carbon dioxide.

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