Pressure King Pro 5L Electric Pressure Cooker


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Worry-free cooking with the family sized Pressure Cooker that cooks meals up to 90% faster than conventional cooking methods. Quick, safe and easy to use, the Pressure King Pro maintains the perfect temperature from top to bottom to cook your food quickly and evenly. The 12-in-1 automatic Pressure King Pro will create delicious, hearty, home-cooked meals faster and easier than traditional cooking methods in minutes, rather than hours and with a simple press of a button!

Whether cooking fresh or frozen food, pressure cooking retains more vitamins and nutrients than traditional cooking methods, and the pressurised steam locks in flavours retaining juices and moisture to make your meals tender and mouth-watering. With the bonus recipe book included, you can make a wide variety of meals from slow cooked hearty stews, fluffy and creamy risottos, wholesome soups to delicious pasta dishes - with the Pressure King Pro you can even cook a whole chicken in just 25 minutes with succulent and flavoursome results.

What's more, the 24 hour delay timer function means you can switch it on in a morning and your food will be ready to eat when you get home. The "Keep Warm" mode automatically kicks in when your food is cooked, so your food will stay hot until you're ready to eat it. Made from high-quality stainless steel and is non-stick, simply wipe it clean and you're ready to cook amazing meals over and over again. 

  • 5 litre capacity / 900 Watts
  • Up to 90% faster than conventional cookware
  • It cooks with pressurised steam to lock in flavours and seasonings to make delicious, slow-cooked tasting meals without all the work and waiting time
  • Maintains the perfect temperature from centre to edge and from top to bottom, whilst cooking your food quickly and evenly.
  • Easy to clean. Your PKP is high-quality stainless steel and non-stick. Just wipe clean and you’re ready to cook amazing meals again
  • Take the Pressure off mealtimes with the brand new Pressure King pro, the compact kitchen sensation that cooks perfect meals at the touch of a button.

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