Samsung SpaceMax One Door Black Tall Freezer | RZ32C7BDEB1/EU

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  • 186 x 59.5 x 69.4 cm (H x W x D)
  • Capacity: 323 litres
  • Open door alarm warns you if the door is left open
  • Fast freeze rapidly lowers the temperature in the freezer
  • Claim a 5 year guarantee
  • All-around Cooling
  • SmartThings AI Energy Mode – WiFi Embedded
  • Large Capacity
  • No Frost
  • Slim Ice Maker
All-around Cooling
WiFi SmartThings AI Energy Mode
Large Capacity
No Frost
More inside, same outside
Now you can get the best of both worlds with SpaceMax™. Thin walls mean more space for food storage on the inside, while the outside size stays the same. All without compromising on performance. You really can get the best of both worlds.
More inside, same outside
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    Wouldn't finding the ice cream be that bit easier with a frost free fridge freezer? Total No Frost prevents ice build-up, saving you the time and hassle of defrosting.
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    Power Freeze rapidly lowers the temperature of the freezer, once you've stocked up. No more worrying about your frozen favourites defrosting, with a flash freeze ensuring they're kept at their best.
Play it cool
Never lose your cool with All-Around Cooling. Keep food fresh, with everything from chicken to cucumbers being evenly chilled. Every item stays ideally cooled no matter where it’s stored in the fridge.
Play it cool
Efficiency/ Durability

    Smart energy savings of up to 10%
    AI ENERGY MODE - 10%
    Reduce your energy use by up to 10%(1) with AI Energy mode(2). In Maximum mode, AI energy is always on and in Custom mode, if your estimated electricity bill exceeds your pre-set target it operates AI Energy Mode automatically, optimising the compressor speed and defrost cycle, based on your usage pattern and surroundings.
    Smart energy savings of up to 10%
    (1) Test results based comparing the factory setting temperature when using AI Energy mode and without using AI Energy mode. Results may vary based on usage conditions. (2) Available via SmartThings app on Android and iOS. A Wi-Fi connection and a Samsung account are required
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      Free up freezer space with an ice maker that sits neatly inside your freezer door – without the need to plumb in. The Slim Ice Maker conveniently drops ice into a tray, so it's always there and ready to add to that Friday evening tipple.
    • image 3
      A brightly lit, stylish and energy efficient fridge. Making it easier for you to find those jars hidden on the top shelf, while also saving you money on your next electricity bill. Plus, it's much more durable.
    • image 2
      Give your home a minimalist and modern look. The sleek Flat & Cabinet design looks like a cabinet and will harmonize with your whole kitchen. And its strikingly beautiful flat front doesn’t stick out, so you can freely open the door and use the drawers without being obstructed by the side wall.
    Easy to clean, durable & protective back
    Clean the back of your refrigerator much more easily. The Clean Back is a completely smooth safety cover for vital coils and cables. It looks really neat, can be easily wiped clean and provides added durability. It stops dirt from collecting around components and protects them from knocks.
    Easy to clean, durable & protective back
    How to measure
    How to measure
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